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1 Day / 3 Hours


S$200 (Incl 8% GST) – payable at least 1 week before course start date.

Upon Application (non-refundable)
Application Fee: $50 (Incl 8% GST) (non-refundable)

About the Course

On completion of this unit, participants will have the knowledge and skills in:

  1. Basic pre-makeup skincare

  2. Essential makeup tools and how to use them

  3. Proportions of ideal face shape

  4. Differentiating various face shapes and how to enhance features

  5. Differentiating various shapes of eyebrows

  6. Trimming of eyebrows to complement faceshape

  7. Basic concepts in use and matching of colours

  8. Makeup and lighting

  9. Types of foundation and techniques in applying foundation.

  10. Use of concealer and techniques in covering uneven complexion, spots and marks

  11. Applying eyeshadow

  12. How to draw eyeliner and apply mascara

  13. How to apply blusher

  14. Reshaping of lips and use of lipstick and lipliner

Your Instructor

Georgina Meyne

Georgina Meyne

Georgina Meyne (MissG) is a expert haircutter with over 7 years of experience with over a 1000 haircuts under her belt. She is a natural educator - whether teaching stylists or giving her clients an in depth lesson on how to simplify their routine. Her life passion is to help and guide people along the journey of embracing their natural hair texture. She believes that wash & go hair is attainable for every client out there with the right haircut paired with education. Whether you’re looking for a head turning look or just a well crafted haircut that can grow out effortlessly - MissG is here to help you feel more like yourself.

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