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24 Hours / 8 Sessions


S$200 (Incl 8% GST) – payable at least 1 week before course start date.

Upon Application (non-refundable)
Application Fee: $50 (Incl 8% GST) (non-refundable)

About the Course

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to perform:

Shampoo and condition hair

Blow style hair with a varieties of brushes (denman, vent, round) different finishes

This module will introduce to students techniques on shampoo and condition hair, together with blow drying hair using different brushes to various finishes. Students will also learn to prepare the client to meet the gowning requirements and use of the correct massage techniques.

During practical, students will apply and remove shampoo or conditioner, and the excess moisture from hair, resulting tangle free and without damage to the hair and scalp. Next, students will learn to select the appropriate brushes and equipment to section the hair accordingly for blow drying.

During this process, students will direct the air flow correctly to achieve the desired result and satisfaction of the client.

Your Instructor

Georgina Meyne

Georgina Meyne

Georgina Meyne (MissG) is a expert haircutter with over 7 years of experience with over a 1000 haircuts under her belt. She is a natural educator - whether teaching stylists or giving her clients an in depth lesson on how to simplify their routine. Her life passion is to help and guide people along the journey of embracing their natural hair texture. She believes that wash & go hair is attainable for every client out there with the right haircut paired with education. Whether you’re looking for a head turning look or just a well crafted haircut that can grow out effortlessly - MissG is here to help you feel more like yourself.

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