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COVID-19 Updates:


• Optional in all settings except for healthcare facilities*, residential care homes (including welfare and sheltered homes for the aged, as well as adult disability homes) and ambulances, and public transport. Click here for more details.

• Even as mask-wearing is removed in most settings, individuals are encouraged to wear masks when in crowded places, or when visiting or interacting with vulnerable persons.
*refer here for the listing of hospitals and national specialty centres. Mask-wearing is required in all indoor premises of these facilities including at retail or F&B establishments located within the building.

Source: MOH 10th October 2022

Our Protocol

  • At MissG, we will leave it to our clients to decide if they would like to use the mask at our Salon.

  • At the same time, we request you to exercise social responsibility should you not be feeling well, please refrain from visiting the Salon. 

  • Follow the appropriate health protocols should we test positive for COVID-19, including by resting at home or visiting your primary care physicians if you need any medical attention

  • While you are at our Salon, we request that you help us to continue to uphold the standard of hygiene we practice

  • Leave the premises immediately on the completion of our service

  • Get vaccinated and boosted when eligible

  • Maintain good personal hygiene

Source: MOH 10th October 2022
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